What is My Town Car?

My Town Car is an online portal to Town Car International and your reservations. Using My Town Car, you have access to your profile information, maintain your frequently travelled locations and maintain or update your payment options. My Town Car also enables you to make, change or cancel your reservations online 24 hours a day. You can also use it to monitor your reservation and get real time update status of your car and chauffeur. My Town Car also gives you access to your past rides and obtain receipts online. In the near future, My Town Car will be available for your smart phone like iPhone, Blackberry or any Windows enabled devices.

Can I make an online reservation without a profile?

No. You must have a profile in our online system in order to make/change/cancel a reservation. Your profile is a vital in providing you with the best rates, your preferences and any notes that will help us enhance your overall ride experience with Town Car International.

I already have a VIP Profile with Town Car but do not have online access to my profile. What should I do to get my login information?

If you already have a profile or VIP card with Town Car International, please send us an email to support@towncarinternational.com and include your profile #, first name and last name. We will reply back with your login information.

How do I create a NEW profile?

You can create a NEW profile online as follow – From the Home Page, select ‘Contact Us’ and then select ‘Creating A Profile’. This is the fastest way for you to establish your online profile. Alternatively, you can send us an email at profiles@towncarinternational.com or you can call us at 212 727 7800 ext. 701

What is my user id for My Town Car?

Your user id is your email address. If you do not have your login information or are unable to login, please send us an email at support@towncarinternational.com and include your profile #, first and last name, and we will reply back with your login information.

How do I modify my profile information?

You must be signed in to the ‘My Town Car’. Once you are signed in, you can modify your profile information by selecting the ‘My Profile’. Once you are on the My Profile page, you can choose what information you want to update or change. Please remember to select ‘Save Changes’ when updating any information in your profile.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by selecting the ‘Forgot Password?’ link in the Login box on the upper left side of the home page.

What is the difference between an Account and a Profile?

You and/or your company must have an account with Town Car before you can make reservations online. You cannot make reservations with just an Account. You must have a Profile in order to make, change or cancel your reservations. If you are an individual and want to open an account, you can do so right from the website. If your company has an account with Town Car, you may obtain the account number from the office manager or your travel department. Once you have an Account, you can then proceed to create a Profile for yourself and/or your co-workers.

How do I create a New account?

You can create new account by selecting ‘Contact Us’ and then selecting ‘Opening an Account’. Please review the terms and conditions, select Accept and you will be directed to the New Account page. Alternatively, you may send us an email to accounts@towncarinternational.com or you can call us at 212 727 7800 ext. 701.